A Letter from Deepak Chopra

We are the only creatures on the planet who can change our biology through
our thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Our cells are constantly
eavesdropping on our thoughts and being changed by them. When we fall in
love, positive thoughts and emotions course through our body and strengthen
our immune system. On the other hand, the dark thoughts and feelings of
depression can leave us vulnerable to illness.

Over the past three decades, hundreds of studies have shown that nothing
holds more power over the body than the beliefs of the mind. This is the
quantum worldview, which teaches that we are all part of an infinite field
of intelligence – the source of our thoughts, mind, body, and everything
else in the cosmos. This paradigm, which is gaining increasing acceptance in
the world of modern Western medicine, is based on the following ten

1. The physical world, including our body, is a reflection of our
perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. There is no objective reality “out
there” that is independent of the observer. Instead, we create our bodies as
we create our experience of the world.

2. Although the physical body seems to be solid matter, it actually is
composed of energy and information. Quantum physics tells us that every atom
is 99.9999 percent empty space, and the subatomic particles moving at
lightning speed through this space are bundles of vibrating energy. These
vibrations aren’t random or chaotic, but are carrying information along
specific patterns.

3. The mind and body are inseparable. There is one single creative
intelligence that can express itself as our thoughts – as well as the
molecules of our cells, tissues, and organs.

4. Our consciousness creates the biochemistry of the body. Our beliefs,
thoughts, and emotions direct the chemical reactions that take place in
every single cell.

5. MindPerception is a learned phenomenon. The way we experience the
world and our body is learned behavior. By changing our perceptions, we can
change our experience of our body and world.

6. In every moment, impulses of intelligence are creating our body. By
changing the patterns of these impulses, we can change ourselves.

7. Although to the ego-mind, we seem separate and independent, we are all
part of a universal intelligence that governs the cosmos.

8. Time is not absolute. What we call linear time is simply a reflection
of how we perceive change. In fact, time is eternal and changeless. If we
can begin to perceive the changeless, time as we know it will cease to exist
and we will experience immortality.

9. Our essential nature is pure being. Although we are used to seeing
ourselves as personality, ego, and body, our true Self is eternal and

10. Since our essence is immortal and changeless, we do not have to become
victims of aging, sickness, and death. These are caused by gaps in our
self-knowledge and the centuries-old delusion that our bodies are material.
As Ayurveda teaches, any disorder can be prevented if we can maintain
balance in the body, mind, and spirit.

These may seem like vast assumptions, but they are rooted in the findings of
modern quantum physics. I want to encourage you to see that you are much
more than your limited body, ego, and personality. At the deepest level,
your body is ageless and your mind is timeless. Once you identify with this
reality, you have unlimited freedom to create greater health, joy, and
whatever else you wish to bring into the world.